Mi, 5. April: Yan Jun / Jun-Y Ciao / Gregory Büttner

Stark Bewölkt – Konzertreihe für aktuelle Musik präsentiert:

Mittwoch, 5. April 2017  – 21:30 Hörbar, Brigittenstr. 5 (Hinterhof)

Bild zu Stark Bewölkt: Yan Jun / Jun-Y Ciao / Gregory Büttner

3 solos:
– Jun-Y Ciao (Shanghai) – sax
– Yan Jun (Beijing) – feedback & body movements
– Gregory Büttner (Hamburg) – mini soundstations
and a duo:
– Yan Jun & Jun-Y Ciao

Yan Jun , musician and poet. born in lanzhou in 1973. based in beijing. currently lives in berlin for artist residency (daad).
he is working on improvised music, experimental music, field recording, organizing and writing.
alongside of at venues, he goes to audience’s home to play with the environment and what else available in the room (Living Room Tour project). and doing noise hypnotizing at any place for small amount of audiences. also amplifying body movements or other performative elements in a simple manner.

Jun-Y Ciao , artist, music and sound art practicer,also as curator/organizer for art/music project,lives and works in Shanghai.
He is member of free music duo “MTDM” (with Tao Yi in 2005) and the founder of the Free Music Collective of Shanghai ( in 2010 ). He is the member of artist collective “ZUZHI”(in 2009 ). He was long-term contributing editor of the “Art World” magazine, started the column “One and Half Tone Music” (from 2009 to 2013).
In 2015 he based the independent art institution “Where is the Zeitgeist?” – Editing Office

Gregory Büttner lives and works as a musician and artist in Hamburg. Since 2000 his main focus is on sound art and electroacoustic compositions. He performed at several festivals and concert series in Europe and China, composed music for dance and performance, radio, video and sound installations. In 2004 he launched his label 1000füssler which releases experimental music in small editions.

Eintritt: 8€/erm 5€
Ort: Hörbar | Brigittenstr. 5
Web: www.starkbewoelkt.wordpress.com

unterstützt vom
Verband für aktuelle Musik Hamburg (vamh.de)


Über Stark Bewölkt

A quartet of musicians: Birgit Ulher, Gregory Büttner, Michael Maierhof, Heiner Metzger who perform as ensemble and in different constellations, with John Butcher, Gene Coleman, Julia Eckhardt, Mathias Forge, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Tim Hodgkinson, Goh Lee Kwang, Eddie Prévost, Lars Scherzberg, Ernesto Rodrigues, Wolfgang Schliemann, Ulrich Phillipps a.o.. And we organize the concertserie "Stark Bewölkt", nearly every month, in Hamburg.
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